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Theme for Textual App based on Ben Alman's Simplified theme and the Solarized colors
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Simplified Solarized Dark

This is a theme for Textual IRC for Mac OS X. The Simplified theme was originally developed by Ben Alman and ported to Textual be the developers. This is a modified template of the original shipped with Textual focusing the colors on the Solar

Solarized Color scheme

See the Solarized homepage for screenshots and details about the color scheme. Or visit the GitHub Project to follow or help with devlepment


Installtion just consists of download and copy to the Styles directory. Site homepage is at

Option 1 - Download

  1. Click the big "Download" button at the top of the page.
  2. Click the "Download .zip" button.
  3. Unzip the file and rename the resulting folder to Simplified Solarized Dark.
  4. Copy the folder to ~/Library/Containers/com.codeux.irc.textual/Data/Library/Application Support/Textual IRC/Styles (Go … Go To Folder or ⇧⌘G)

At this point, you might need to restart Linkinus to see the new changes.

Option 2 - Git

  1. cd ~/Library/Containers/com.codeux.irc.textual/Data/Library/Application Support/Textual IRC/Styles
  2. git clone git://`
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