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A simple migration script to migrate your site from test server to live server preserving your widgets and its settings.

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WordPress OneClick Migration
This script will update site information when moving WordPress sites from server/site to server/site.

Before you can make use of this script you need to have done.

* export/mysql dump file from you source site/server

* import your mysql dump file on your target site/server
* complete your wp-config.php file on your target site/server

Script usage
 1. Upload this script to you WordPress root directory (where wp-config.php file is located)
 2. Browse to
 3. Follow the on screen instructions


Release 1.3

* Fixed missing parameters on a recursive call props perecedero (Ivan Lansky)


* Added GNU General Public License

* Added manual force - now you can append ?forced=1 to run the script again


* Migration Confirmation message when completed

* Ability to self destruct if server has permission to do so else show error message

* Auto redirect to new site if we detect migration is already complete


* Initial Release
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