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NLP in Rust with Python bindings
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NLP in Rust with Python bindings

This package aims to provide a high performance toolkit for ingesting textual data for machine learning applications.

The API is currently unstable.


  • Tokenization: Regexp tokenizer, Unicode segmentation + language specific rules
  • Stemming: Snowball (in Python 15-20x faster than NLTK)
  • Token counting: converting token counts to sparse matrices for use in machine learning libraries. Similar to CountVectorizer and HashingVectorizer in scikit-learn but will less broad functionality.
  • Levenshtein edit distance; Sørensen-Dice, Jaro, Jaro Winkler string similarities


Usage in Python

vtext requires Python 3.5+ and can be installed with,

pip install --pre vtext

Below is a simple tokenization example,

>>> from vtext.tokenize import VTextTokenizer
>>> VTextTokenizer("en").tokenize("Flights can't depart after 2:00 pm.")
["Flights", "ca", "n't", "depart" "after", "2:00", "pm", "."]

For more details see the project documentation:

Usage in Rust

Add the following to Cargo.toml,

vtext = "0.1.0-alpha.2"

For more details see rust documentation:



Following benchmarks illustrate the tokenization accuracy (F1 score) on UD treebanks ,

lang dataset regexp spacy 2.1 vtext
en EWT 0.812 0.972 0.966
en GUM 0.881 0.989 0.996
de GSD 0.896 0.944 0.964
fr Sequoia 0.844 0.968 0.971

and the English tokenization speed,

regexp spacy 2.1 vtext
Speed (10⁶ tokens/s) 3.1 0.14 2.1

Text vectorization

Below are benchmarks for converting textual data to a sparse document-term matrix using the 20 newsgroups dataset,

Speed (MB/s) scikit-learn 0.20.1 vtext (n_jobs=1) vtext (n_jobs=4)
CountVectorizer 14 49 NA
HashingVectorizer 19 78 227

see benchmarks/ for more details.


vtext is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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