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1 parent c411ec8 commit d128fe0847580dfeeba06a9b0618edd531619461 @rthalley committed Apr 7, 2012
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@@ -1,5 +1,11 @@
2012-04-07 Bob Halley <>
+ * dns/ (from_xfr): now takes a
+ 'check_origin' parameter which defaults to True. If set to
+ False, then dnspython will not make origin checks on the zone.
+ Thanks to Carlos Perez for the report.
* dns/rdtypes/ANY/ (SSHFP.from_text): Allow whitespace in
the text string. Thanks to Jan Andres for the report and the
@@ -817,7 +817,7 @@ def from_file(f, origin = None, rdclass = dns.rdataclass.IN,
return z
-def from_xfr(xfr, zone_factory=Zone, relativize=True):
+def from_xfr(xfr, zone_factory=Zone, relativize=True, check_origin=True):
"""Convert the output of a zone transfer generator into a zone object.
@param xfr: The xfr generator
@@ -826,6 +826,9 @@ def from_xfr(xfr, zone_factory=Zone, relativize=True):
It is essential that the relativize setting matches the one specified
to dns.query.xfr().
@type relativize: bool
+ @param check_origin: should sanity checks of the origin node be done?
+ The default is True.
+ @type check_origin: bool
@raises No SOA RR was found at the zone origin
@raises No NS RRset was found at the zone origin
@rtype: object
@@ -851,5 +854,6 @@ def from_xfr(xfr, zone_factory=Zone, relativize=True):
for rd in rrset:
rd.choose_relativity(z.origin, relativize)
- z.check_origin()
+ if check_origin:
+ z.check_origin()
return z

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