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DeviantArt Filter

Chrome Web Store Microsoft Edge Add-on Mozilla Add-on

This browser extension allows you to filter/block/hide deviations by user and/or keyword on DeviantArt


Have you ever want to block/filter deviations (a.k.a. submissions) while browsing DeviantArt? Well now you can! Simply install DeviantArt Filter in your web browser of choice and start filtering by user and/or keyword.

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  • Fully-featured management panel for maintaining your filters and controlling functionality.
  • Quickly create filters from any deviation thumbnail or link.
  • Filter deviations by keywords in titles and/or tags (with wildcard support).
  • Import and export filter lists for easy backup and migration.

For more information, head to the DeviantArt Filter website.


Web Browser Information & Downloads
Google Chrome Chrome Web Store Chrome Web Store
Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge Add-on Microsoft Edge Add-on
Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Add-on Mozilla Add-on


Contributions are always welcome! Even if you aren't comfortable coding, you can always submit new ideas and bug reports.


This extension is setup to be fully localized/translated into multiple languages, but for now English is the only language with full translations. If you are able to help localize/translate, please check out this guide. All of the text for the extension is stored here in the /app/_locales directory.

Building the Extension

This extension uses the WebExtension Toolbox for development and build processes.

To build the extension from source code, you will need to use Node Package Manager (npm), which handles all of the dependencies needed for this project and is used to execute the various scripts for development/building/packaging/etc.

npm install

Then you can run the development process (where the extension is auto-reloaded when changes are made) for your browser of choice:

npm run dev <chrome/edge/firefox>

Or you can generate a production build for your browser of choice:

npm run build <chrome/edge/firefox>

Development Process

To make development easier, you can start up a temporary development profile on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome with the extension already loaded. The browser will also automatically detect changes and reload the extension for you (read more about this on the web-ext documentation pages). Use the following commands in parallel to re-build the extension and re-load it in Firefox/Chrome automatically as you make changes:


npm run dev firefox
npm run start:firefox


npm run dev chrome
npm run start:chrome

Note that you will need 2 terminal instances, one for each of the above commands, as they both remain running until you cancel them (use CTRL + c to cancel each process in your terminal(s)).