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Leonhard Euler

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For Rubyists who enjoy solving and optimizing Project Euler problems. It uses Benchmark so be sure to use this with Ruby >= 1.9.3


Rubeuler is a Ruby gem, and can be installed using gem install Rubeuler


The Rubeuler::Problem class should be initialized with two arguments, :number & :answer (problem designator and some ruby code as a string). If the answer to problem one is 42, the code below should produce a successful response 1, answer: "7*3*2").execute!

Extra options (just one right now):

    answer = "@loop_count = 0; 1001.times do; @loop_count += 1; end; result = 42"

		# Use :tracked option to track extra variables included in your algorithm 1, answer: answer, tracked: {loop_count: "@loop_count"}).execute!
    => #<Rubeuler::Result:0x007fef81c221f8
      @data={:solution=>42, :loop_count=>1001},

NOTE: Solutions (see Rubeuler::Solution) are not provided for you. Successfully solve some ProjectEuler problems to build your own list, then use Rubeuler to judge the quality of your solutions. NOTE: The last expression in the :answer argument will be compared to solution predefined in Rubeuler::Solution for that problem number.

Pull requests/issues

Please submit any pull requests through GitHub. Please report any problems with the issue tracker! Thanks.