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import os,subprocess,logging,time,re
import argparse
from plugins.plugin import Plugin
from plugins.CacheKill import CacheKill
class Replace(CacheKill,Plugin):
name = "Replace"
optname = "replace"
implements = ["handleResponse","handleHeader","connectionMade"]
has_opts = True
desc = "Replace arbitrary content in HTML content"
def initialize(self,options):
self.options = options
self.search_str = options.search_str
self.replace_str = options.replace_str
self.regex_file = options.regex_file
if (self.search_str==None or self.search_str=="") and self.regex_file is None:
sys.exit("[*] Please provide a search string or a regex file")
self.regexes = []
if self.regex_file is not None:
print "[*] Loading regexes from file"
for line in self.regex_file:
if self.options.keep_cache:
self.ctable = {}
self.dtable = {}
self.mime = "text/html"
print "[*] Replace plugin online"
def handleResponse(self,request,data):
ip,hn,mime = self._get_req_info(request)
if self._should_replace(ip,hn,mime):
if self.search_str!=None and self.search_str!="":
data = data.replace(self.search_str, self.replace_str)"%s [%s] Replaced '%s' with '%s'" % (request.client.getClientIP(), request.headers['host'], self.search_str, self.replace_str))
# Did the user provide us with a regex file?
for regex in self.regexes:
data = re.sub(regex[0], regex[1], data)"%s [%s] Occurances matching '%s' replaced with '%s'" % (request.client.getClientIP(), request.headers['host'], regex[0], regex[1]))
except Exception, e:
logging.error("%s [%s] Your provided regex (%s) or replace value (%s) is empty or invalid. Please debug your provided regex(es)" % (request.client.getClientIP(), request.headers['host'], regex[0], regex[1]))
self.ctable[ip] = time.time()
self.dtable[ip+hn] = True
return {'request':request,'data':data}
def add_options(self,options):
options.add_argument("--search-str",type=str,default=None,help="String you would like to replace --replace-str with. Default: '' (empty string)")
options.add_argument("--replace-str",type=str,default="",help="String you would like to replace.")
options.add_argument("--regex-file",type=file,help="Load file with regexes. File format: <regex1>[tab]<regex2>[new-line]")
options.add_argument("--keep-cache",action="store_true",help="Don't kill the server/client caching.")
def _should_replace(self,ip,hn,mime):
return mime.find(self.mime)!=-1
def _get_req_info(self,request):
ip = request.client.getClientIP()
hn = request.client.getRequestHostname()
mime = request.client.headers['Content-Type']
return (ip,hn,mime)