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Confero Conference Data

This repository contains academic conference metadata. To add Confero support for your conference you need to provide two icons (62px square and 200px square) and a json data file. These should be submitted via a Github pull request to The data file should conform to the description included in the README on GitHub; additional samples can be found in the repository itself (

Data Notes

Dirk Beyer has written a comprehensive description of the Confero data format:

In-progress data files can be validated via our test infrastructure:

Data format notes

  • Dates are always Month/Day/Year (e.g., 09/25/2012)

  • Times should be in 24h format, without am/pm (e.g., 17:55)

  • The json should validate correctly (e.g., try

Other (for Confero Devs Only)

Apps should try to pull the metadata as infrequently as possible. IndexVersion.json is only 37 bytes and by comparing its time field you will always know if your cached copy is up to date. The date can be generated with date +%s.

data/SampleData.json contains a sample data file that can be used as a template for creating new event data files.

IndexVersion.json contains the datestamp (in POSIX seconds) of the last metadata update. This is automatically generated by ./


  • EventIndex.json contains an overview of all stored metadata. For every metadata change be sure to update the Version attribute for the conference being updated along with the DataRevision attribute in the conference data file itself.
  • data/ contains the conference metadata itself.
  • icons62/ contains 62x62 px imagery.
  • icons200/ contains 200x200 px imagery.
  • performs a git pull and automatically generates IndexVersion.json