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NodeJS app (converting to React) that queries Treehouse API for user profile info
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React application to retrieve user profile info from Treehouse API.

v 1.0.0


node app.js JavaScript username1 username 2

Will output the number of badges username1 and username 2 have earned, as well as the points they have accumulated in the JavaScript section in Treehouse.

username1 has x total badge(s) and x points in JavaScript.
username2 has x total badge(s) and x points in JavaScript.

v 1.1.0

Current Status

Continuing to work on UI implementation (React).


  • Tweak CSS to improve page layout and appearance.
  • Remove categories where the user has no points from the table.
  • Start to implement UI with React.
  • Finalizing core layout prior to customizing CSS.
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