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(c) 2005-2014 Copyright, Real-Time Innovations, Inc. All rights reserved.
RTI grants Licensee a license to use, modify, compile, and create derivative works
of the Software. Licensee has the right to distribute object form only for use with RTI
products. The Software is provided "as is", with no warranty of any type, including
any warranty for fitness for any purpose. RTI is under no obligation to maintain or
support the Software. RTI shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential
damages arising out of the use or inability to use the software.
#ifdef RTI_WIN32
#pragma warning(disable: 4351)
#include "reflex.h"
struct many_members
int m1, m2, m3, m4, m5, m6, m7, m8, m9, m10;
int m11, m12, m13, m14, m15, m16, m17, m18, m19, m20;
int m21, m22, m23, m24, m25, m26, m27, m28, m29, m30;
int m31, m32, m33, m34, m35, m36, m37, m38, m39, m40;
int m41, m42, m43, m44, m45, m46, m47, m48, m49, m50;
int m51, m52, m53, m54, m55, m56, m57, m58, m59, m60;
int m61, m62, m63, m64, m65, m66, m67, m68, m69, m70;
int m71, m72, m73, m74, m75, m76, m77, m78, m79, m80;
int m81, m82, m83, m84, m85, m86, m87, m88, m89, m90;
int m91, m92, m93, m94, m95, m96, m97, m98, m99, m100;
int m101;
(int, m1)(int, m2)(int, m3)(int, m4)(int, m5)
(int, m6)(int, m7)(int, m8)(int, m9)(int, m10)
(int, m11)(int, m12)(int, m13)(int, m14)(int, m15)
(int, m16)(int, m17)(int, m18)(int, m19)(int, m20)
(int, m21)(int, m22)(int, m23)(int, m24)(int, m25)
(int, m26)(int, m27)(int, m28)(int, m29)(int, m30)
(int, m31)(int, m32)(int, m33)(int, m34)(int, m35)
(int, m36)(int, m37)(int, m38)(int, m39)(int, m40)
(int, m41)(int, m42)(int, m43)(int, m44)(int, m45)
(int, m46)(int, m47)(int, m48)(int, m49)(int, m50)
(int, m51)(int, m52)(int, m53)(int, m54)(int, m55)
(int, m56)(int, m57)(int, m58)(int, m59)(int, m60)
(int, m61)(int, m62)(int, m63)(int, m64)(int, m65)
(int, m66)(int, m67)(int, m68)(int, m69)(int, m70)
(int, m71)(int, m72)(int, m73)(int, m74)(int, m75)
(int, m76)(int, m77)(int, m78)(int, m79)(int, m80)
(int, m81)(int, m82)(int, m83)(int, m84)(int, m85)
(int, m86)(int, m87)(int, m88)(int, m89)(int, m90)
(int, m91)(int, m92)(int, m93)(int, m94)(int, m95)
(int, m96)(int, m97)(int, m98)(int, m99)(int, m100)
(int, m101))
#endif // MANY_MEMBERS_H