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Case + Code Overview

This repository is part of Real-Time Innovations' Case + Code project, a project to create code for real-world RTI Connext DDS use cases.

The example in this repository is meant to illustrate simplified real-world uses of the RTI Connext DDS product, focusing on:

  • Sending and receiving device-patient mapping data, including Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Receiving streaming device data
  • Making simple correlations between devices monitoring a single patient
  • Sending and receiving alarm data

This use case example should be a stepping stone for creating real distributed applications based on RTI Connext DDS. Additional information about this use case can be found on RTI's Case + Code page and in the file of this use case example.

RTI Connext DDS Overview

RTI Connext DDS software includes the world's leading implementation of the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS). DDS is the only open standard for messaging that supports the unique needs of both enterprise and real-time systems. Its open interfaces and advanced integration capabilities slash costs across a system’s lifecycle, from initial development and integration through on-going maintenance and upgrades. Visit the RTI Download Page.


This RTI Connext DDS solution explains how to integrate medical devices to create safer hospitals and to improve patient safety.






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