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Minecraft Input Plugin

The minecraft plugin connects to a Minecraft server using the RCON protocol to collects scores from the server scoreboard.

This plugin is known to support Minecraft Java Edition versions 1.11 - 1.14. When using an version of Minecraft earlier than 1.13, be aware that the values for some criterion has changed and may need to be modified.

Server Setup

Enable RCON on the Minecraft server, add this to your server configuration in the [][] file:

rcon.password=<your password>

Scoreboard Objectives must be added using the server console for the plugin to collect. These can be added in game by players with op status, from the server console, or over an RCON connection.

When getting started pick an easy to test objective. This command will add an objective that counts the number of times a player has jumped:

/scoreboard objectives add jumps minecraft.custom:minecraft.jump

Once a player has triggered the event they will be added to the scoreboard, you can then list all players with recorded scores:

/scoreboard players list

View the current scores with a command, substituting your player name:

/scoreboard players list Etho


  ## Address of the Minecraft server.
  # server = "localhost"

  ## Server RCON Port.
  # port = "25575"

  ## Server RCON Password.
  password = ""


  • minecraft
    • tags:
      • player
      • port (port of the server)
      • server (hostname:port, deprecated in 1.11; use source and port tags)
      • source (hostname of the server)
    • fields:
      • <objective_name> (integer, count)

Sample Queries:

Get the number of jumps per player in the last hour:

SELECT SPREAD("jumps") FROM "minecraft" WHERE time > now() - 1h GROUP BY "player"

Example Output:

minecraft,player=notch,source=,port=25575 jumps=178i 1498261397000000000
minecraft,player=dinnerbone,source=,port=25575 deaths=1i,jumps=1999i,cow_kills=1i 1498261397000000000
minecraft,player=jeb,source=,port=25575 d_pickaxe=1i,damage_dealt=80i,d_sword=2i,hunger=20i,health=20i,kills=1i,level=33i,jumps=264i,armor=15i 1498261397000000000
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