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Application Insights Output Plugin

This plugin writes telegraf metrics to Azure Application Insights.


  ## Instrumentation key of the Application Insights resource.
  instrumentation_key = "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx"

  ## Timeout for closing (default: 5s).
  # timeout = "5s"

  ## Enable additional diagnostic logging.
  # enable_diagnostic_logging = false

  ## Context Tag Sources add Application Insights context tags to a tag value.
  ## For list of allowed context tag keys see:
  # [outputs.application_insights.context_tag_sources]
  #   "" = "kubernetes_container_name"
  #   "" = "kubernetes_pod_name"

Metric Encoding:

For each field an Application Insights Telemetry record is created named based on the measurement name and field.

Example: Create the telemetry records foo_first and foo_second:

foo,host=a first=42,second=43 1525293034000000000

In the special case of a single field named value, a single telemetry record is created named using only the measurement name

Example: Create a telemetry record bar:

bar,host=a value=42 1525293034000000000
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