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This repository is actually two things, currently:


The theme is still under active development. I change Hamburglr rarely, but it’s basically complete. I wrote it for this project and I haven’t taken the time to separate it yet.

The assets used in the markup are hosted in a few different locations, one of them being my home web server, which, needless to say, is not ideal from a content-serving point-of-view. However, it will remain that way until development slows down, at which time, I will move them all to a fast server.


  • Clean, bright, modern look
  • Simple interface with a lot of function
  • Monochromatic, desaturated color scheme
  • Many config options for setting fonts, images, and visibility of various details/features
  • Fixed width (500px) center content column, with a 200px-wide sidebar to contain blog’s info, search, and links
  • Fixed position search box that is visible always
  • Haml is used for markup, Sass for stylesheets. The rendered HTML and CSS are excluded from the repo.
  • Colorbox integration for viewing photos
  • Photo overlay upon hover, revealing whether there is a “click-through link” on the photo, and/or if there is a high-res version. In the case of there being both, clicking the photo will take the user to the linked resource, while a “Show High Resolution” link will reveal the high-res photo.
  • Manipulation of flash objects, in order to fix Tumblr’s shitty Flash insertion, via jQuery on document load, in order to add the wmode=transparent param
  • DISQUS comments integration
  • Heavy use of jQuery, with appropriate, semantic fall-back markup for those without javascript
  • Semantic (as much as I could manage) markup for accessibility1

1 That’s not to suggest that I did any accessibility testing. Merely that the document was structured semantically. There is much room for improvement in the s508 department.


Hamburglr makes it easy for you to combine the features of Haml and Tumblr. I won’t go into examples here, check out the theme template for a perfect example.


render.rb renders the HAML and the SASS using Hamburglr. It also requires active_support for now.

There is also a sample data feature. It uses all the values set in Hamburglr.rb as sample data, for variables only, at the moment. I intend to get the blocks working in the future. To use this feature, and set in render.rb:

ruby render.rb; cp --parents -vRt {DEV_HOST}/assets/thinkingofadreamihad/ js/main.js css/*.css thinking_of_a_dream_i_had.tumblr.html