Bash script to create a single-image overview of screencaps from a video. Uses ffmpeg and ImageMagick
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This is video-gallery. It's a simple bash script to facilitate the generation of those thumbnail overviews you've probably seen before:

Sample output


I wrote it because I needed a way to preview a video's content without opening the actual video.


Couldn't be easier:

$ video-gallery VIDEO_FILE

It will save the image as a PNG in the same directory as the video, with the same name.

Currently, it only accepts one file at a time, but that's easy to deal with using a for loop:

$ for vid in {video1,video2,etc}; do video-gallery "$vid"; done

It shouldn't be hard to customise to your liking. I've included most of the major options at the top of the file.


I intend to add support for many different options on the command line, including support for providing the script with multiple videos.


I must acknowledge the efforts of:

...for the bits of their that code I used, which is noted in the script.