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Automated wireless portal login for MVCC.
Python Shell
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Wireless Captive Portal Login - MVCC

A small python script to automatically login to MVCC's wireless portal by headless Firefox browser on connect to wireless access point ESSID - "MVCC Wireless"


Python 3.7+
Selenium (Python module available in 'pip')


Until I work out the kinks with python grabbing a GPG encrypted portal login password with gnupg, I can only recommend you use the included file to store and import your password. After doing so, you can at least lock down the file permissions on that one particular file.


  1. Edit the script to include your login name where specified.
  2. Edit the included file with the your login password. After which lock the file permissions down with chmod 700. a. I will enable encryption by GPG shortly to avoid the use of a password in clear text.
  3. Enclosed is also an script. Depending on your distribution, within your network configuration files, there is usually a directory which enables the autoexecution of script files within certain directories when certain wireless adapters are used. See "dispatcher.d"
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