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Flamingo Logo

Flamingo is a lightweight contextualization tool that aims to handle initialization of cloud instances.

It is meant to be a replacement for cloud-init in Atomic Host, a lightweight operating system designed to run applications in Docker containers with orchestration capabilities (Kubernetes). It has 3 different flavors; Fedora, RHEL, and CentOS.

For more details please check Introducing Flamingo


The aim of this project is to create a fast, documented, extensible tool to use

Why not use cloud-init?

  • In order for an image to be built with cloud-init as its contextualization tool, it needs to contain the python interpreter, it's dependencies and the dependencies of cloud-init. It fattens up the image and increases complexity for the distributions.
  • Due to the dynamic nature of scripting languages they are slow. In an I/O boud application this is not a big problem however initializing VM images, is different.
  • The documentation is lacking at best. The tests are inadequate and it is a big chunk of initialization scripts. Making it hard to work with cloud-init as a developer and maintainer.


  • Golang excels at building big applications (e.g. distributed computing). It provides the necessary tooling for the job. It doesn't have long dependency chains like interpreted languages and it is fast.

  • Flamingo will essentially be a single binary coupled with all of its dependencies. In addition, cloud images will be smaller as well.

  • Testability, Documentation and Extensibility is heavily emphasized in Flamingo.


Flamingo is in Alpha stage at the moment. Build images containing Flamingo as the default contextualization tool (swapped with cloud-init) will be available soon. In the meanwhile API is volatile, so expect changes!

What has been done

  • Docker Test Environment
  • User & Password Management
  • Running Custom Scripts
  • SSH Configuration
  • Manage Services at Boot
  • Manage and Modify IPtables/Filter Rules
  • RESTful Client

What is being worked on

  • Meta-Data
  • Cloud-Config
  • Config-Drive
  • Integration with systemd (using config-drive.mount instead of manual checks)
  • Test Images


In the meanwhile if you'd like to share your opinions, learn more, or contribute please feel free to open an issue, mail to centos-devel, atomic, user-list or come to #atomic and #centos-devel channels to have a chat.


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