Rewrite of the Transmission Web Client with jQuery, Sammy and Mustache
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Port of and the original Transmission Web Client
using jquery, sammy and mustache.js.

By Frank Prößdorf


  • Kriesse for the elegant design.
  • kjg for all the work on the transmission web client and help.
  • lenalena for introducing proper jspec testing to this project.


You can use kettu instead of the original web client to remotely administrate your transmission application.

It is recommended to set the TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME environment variable to the root path of this web client. Then you just need to open the location to the transmission web server (e.g. localhost:9091) and it will work.


  • Usage should be as simple as possible
  • Try out new features that older browsers may not support
  • Keep the code clean
  • Write tests for everything


Unit Tests

There are jspecs in /spec which you can run by opening the index.html file within the spec directory.

Acceptance Tests

There are culerity tests in features. You will need culerity, celerity and the most current htmlunit to run them. You will just need to type cucumber features/<feature>.


  • display errors, also tracker errors in tracker info + torrents list (maybe red)
  • when adding new torrent
  • specify download folder after download started
  • graphing up/download:
    • aggregate data
  • iphone compability
  • debug why browser sometimes seems to fill up memory and become slower (maybe not cleaning up all intervals?)
  • add transmission name (plus logo)
  • extend stats view
  • maybe icons for different file types in file list
  • maybe statistics, preferences not as sidebar
  • maybe search torrents (maybe by name, tracker)
  • maybe show ratio goal in torrent list (if so, it should be changeable in the settings)
  • maybe be able to select multiple torrents and pause/activate them
  • maybe sort paused torrents (in filter mode) by progress by default