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Selenium 2 (WebDriver) library for Robot Framework


Selenium2Library is a web testing library for Robot Framework that leverages the Selenium 2 (WebDriver) libraries from the Selenium project.

It is modeled after (and forked from) the SeleniumLibrary library, but re-implemented to use Selenium 2 and WebDriver technologies.

  • More information about this library can be found on the Wiki and in the Keyword Documentation.
  • Installation information is found in the INSTALL.rst file.
  • Developer information is found in BUILD.rst file.


You can install Selenium2Library using pip, with the following command

pip install robotframework-selenium2library

Directory Layout

A simple demonstration, with an application running on localhost
Keyword documentation
Python source code


To write tests with Robot Framework and Selenium2Library, Selenium2Library must be imported into your Robot test suite. See Robot Framework User Guide for more information.

Running the Demo

The demo directory contains an easily executable demo for Robot Framework using Selenium2Library. To run the demo, run:

python demo/


python demo/ demo/login_tests
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