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Reverts some of b063d38

The bash syntax highlighting isn't making these code blocks any more
readable and makes the raw text file much uglier. The highlighting is
more distracting than anything.
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@@ -24,55 +24,42 @@ Installation
Install the most recent available version under `/usr/local`:
-$ git clone git://
-$ cd git-sh
-$ make
-$ sudo make install
+ $ git clone git://
+ $ cd git-sh
+ $ make
+ $ sudo make install
Start a shell with `git-sh`:
-$ git-sh
-master!git-sh> help
+ $ git-sh
+ master!git-sh> help
Use the `PREFIX` environment variable to specify a different install location.
For example, under `~/bin`:
-$ make install PREFIX=~
+ $ make install PREFIX=~
Basic Usage
Typical usage is to change into a git working copy and then start the shell:
-$ cd mygreatrepo
-$ git sh
-master!mygreatrepo> help
+ $ cd mygreatrepo
+ $ git sh
+ master!mygreatrepo> help
Core git commands and git command aliases defined in `~/.gitconfig` can be
used as top-level commands:
-master!mygreatrepo> checkout -b new
-new!mygreatrepo> log -p
-new!mygreatrepo> rebase -i HEAD~10
+ master!mygreatrepo> checkout -b new
+ new!mygreatrepo> log -p
+ new!mygreatrepo> rebase -i HEAD~10
It's really just a normal bash shell, though, so all commands on `PATH` and any
aliases defined in `~/.bashrc` are also available:
-new!mygreatrepo> ls -l
-new!mygreatrepo> vim somefile
+ new!mygreatrepo> ls -l
+ new!mygreatrepo> vim somefile
*IMPORTANT: `rm`, `mv`, and `diff` are aliased to their git counterparts. To use system versions,
run `command(1)` (e.g., `command rm`) or qualify the command (e.g. `/bin/rm`).*
@@ -89,18 +76,14 @@ The git-sh prompt includes ANSI colors when the git `color.ui` option is
enabled. To enable git-sh's prompt colors explicitly, set the `` config
value to `auto`:
-$ git config --global auto
+ $ git config --global auto
Customize prompt colors by setting the ``, ``,
and `` git config values:
-$ git config --global 'yellow reverse'
-$ git config --global 'blue bold'
-$ git config --global 'red'
+ $ git config --global 'yellow reverse'
+ $ git config --global 'blue bold'
+ $ git config --global 'red'
See [colors in git]( for information.

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