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persistent ssh connection and tunnel manager

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         Hem - persistent ssh connection and tunnel manager

Hem manages multiple background SSH connections using an ifconfig /
rc style interface. It is most often used to setup persistent /
long-running port tunnels and control master connections. Hem monitors
connection upedness and can automatically bounce downed connection.

Hem is Free Software covered by the "New and Simplified BSD License". It
was originally written by Ryan Tomayko <>.

Please read the file INSTALL for installation and hacking instructions. Hem
should run on most flavors of Unix/Gnu that include a posix compatible sh
interpreter. Hem currently requires fairly recent version of OpenSSH's ssh(1) as
well as Carson Harding's autossh(1) (included with distribution).

More information on Hem is accessible from
including full documentation, examples, and distributables. There is
also project tracking resources at

See Also:

  * OpenSSH:
  * autossh:
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