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require 'rack/request'
require 'rack/cache/cache_control'
module Rack::Cache
# Provides access to the HTTP request. The +request+ and +original_request+
# objects exposed by the Core caching engine are instances of this class.
# Request objects respond to a variety of convenience methods, including
# everything defined by Rack::Request as well as the Headers and
# RequestHeaders modules.
class Request < Rack::Request
# The HTTP request method. This is the standard implementation of this
# method but is respecified here due to libraries that attempt to modify
# the behavior to respect POST tunnel method specifiers. We always want
# the real request method.
def request_method
# A CacheControl instance based on the request's Cache-Control header.
def cache_control
@cache_control ||= CacheControl.new(env['HTTP_CACHE_CONTROL'])
# True when the Cache-Control/no-cache directive is present or the
# Pragma header is set to no-cache.
def no_cache?
cache_control['no-cache'] ||
env['HTTP_PRAGMA'] == 'no-cache'