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Adding documentation for cache_key and adding Gemfile for development

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7 Gemfile
@@ -0,0 +1,7 @@
+source :rubygems
+gem 'bacon'
+gem 'memcached'
+gem 'dalli'
+gem 'rack', '>= 0.4'
+gem 'rdiscount'
17 doc/configuration.markdown
@@ -109,4 +109,19 @@ a refresh (e.g., clicking the "Refresh" button).
### `cache_key`
-TODO: Document custom cache keys
+A custom cache key generator, which can be anything that responds to :call.
+By default, this is the `Rack::Cache::Key` class, but you can implement your own
+generator. A cache key generator gets passed a `Rack::Request` object and generates
+the appropriate cache key.
+The `Rack::Cache::Key` class by default returns the fully qualified url of the request.
+In addition to setting the generator to an object, you can just pass a block instead,
+which will act as the cache key generator:
+ set :cache_key do |request|
+ request.fullpath.replace(/\//, '-')
+ end
+For more options see the [Rack::Request documentation](
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