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tekwiz commented Sep 11, 2011

This allows the registration and resolution of custom stores.

Example from updated docs:

use Rack::Cache do |rack_cache|
  rack_cache.register_metastore, :my_metas,
  rack_cache.register_entitystore, :my_entities,
  rack_cache.use :metastore, :my_metas
  rack_cache.use :entitystore, :my_entities


Rack::Cache::Storage.instance.register_metastore :my_metas,
Rack::Cache::Storage.instance.register_entitystore :my_entities,

use Rack::Cache,
  :metastore => :my_metas,
  :entitystore => :my_entities

This is especially useful for redis-store when you use a distributed instance:

redis_servers = %w(redis:// redis://
use Rack::Cache do |rack_cache|
  rack_cache.register_metastore, :default,
  rack_cache.use :metastore, :my_metas


afeld commented Feb 2, 2012



rtomayko commented Feb 17, 2012

Really sorry for the lack of attention on this. I definitely like this patch in concept. It's something that should have been done a long time ago and cleans up a really ugly part of the codebase.

I do think we should stick with URIs as storage identifiers instead of adding names, though. It's a little more work for the store implementation but allows for common things like hostnames, namespaces, and params to be given a standard way.

I'd also like the built in stores to use the same interfaces for registering as custom stores.

I'm planning on spending a couple days in rack-cache this weekend maybe. I'd love to use this as a base for moving things in a slightly different direction. Does that sound okay?

cfis commented Oct 15, 2012

Hi Ryan,

Travis and I worked on this one - any chance of pushing it forward? Need a new patch?

Thanks - Charlie


grosser commented Oct 8, 2015

please reopen if still needed

grosser closed this Oct 8, 2015

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