Pin the reference to the docco stylesheet to the version present at the time of release #23

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Locking the CSS file down to Docco's v0.3.0

I'm a bit loath to change the rendering entirely without talking to
Ryan, but I'd really prefer to replicate Docco's CSS file generation
rather than hotlinking out to the GitHub-hosted version. Offline
support would require it, if for no other reason...

Closed by 515966d. Thanks to Myles Byrne


Cool. Just as an fyi the reason I pinned it against 0.2.0 and suggested a patch release was I thought it'd be a quick way to fix the rendering on the rocco website which is broken right now. I realize this commit prevents it happening in the future but unless you're planning a release really soon it'd be nice to fix the website in the interim


I committed a fix earlier to match Docco's HTML changes, so the 0.3.0 tag is necessary for the current state of Rocco's master branch.

That said, you're of course correct in saying that the current website is a bit broken, and that it needs to get fixed quickly. I'm hoping to quickly finish testing the block comments functionality that just landed in master, and then I'll talk with Ryan about an 0.6 release. I'd very much like that to happen this week. :)


Ok. If for any reason that gets delayed, any chance of definitely doing a quick 0.5.1? You could branch off 0.5.0 and either cherry-pick your fix to classnames and 515966d or my commit. Either way it doesn't have to get merged into master but would be nice to have the fix up on the site.

Thanks for the work you're doing to maintain this Mike. Looking forward to the next release.


I think that's doable. Branching off 0.5 would be trivial... I'm writing a changelog right now, and I'll hand that off to Ryan shortly to ask him to sign off on everything. If anything comes up there that would block quick progress, I think a 0.5.1 release is a good idea.

I'll keep you posted. :)

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