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# The main rpg user executable. `rpg` sets environment variables for global
# options and execs child commands.
set -e
# This usage message only lists porcelainish commands. The rpg(1) manpage
# documents all commands in detail.
PROGNAME="$(basename $0)"
usage="Usage: ${PROGNAME} [-vx] [-c <path>] <command> [<args>...]
Manage gem packages, quickly.
The most commonly used rpg commands are:
config Show or edit rpg configuration
dependencies Show dependency information for a package or all packages
install Install a package from file or remote repository
list Show status of local packages vs. respository
steal Transplant packages from Rubygems into rpg environment
sync Sync the package index with repository
outdated List packages with a newer version
uninstall Uninstall packages from local system
upgrade Upgrade installed packages to latest version
-c <path> Read rcfile at <path> instead of standard rpgrc locations
-v Enable verbose logging to stderr
-q Disable verbose logging to stderr (when enabled in config)
-x Enable shell tracing to stderr (extremely verbose)
See \`${PROGNAME} help <command>' for more information on a specific command."
[ "$*" ] || set -- "--help"
# Look for --help before the child command.
for a in "$@"
case "$a" in
--h|--he|--hel|--help|-h|-\?) echo "$usage"; exit 0;;
-*) continue;;
*) break;;
# Global options.
while getopts qvxc: opt
case $opt in
c) export RPGRCFILE="$OPTARG";;
v) export RPGVERBOSE=true;;
x) export RPGTRACE=true;;
q) export RPGVERBOSE=false;;
?) echo "$usage"
exit 2;;
shift $(( $OPTIND - 1 ))
# This is replaced by the generated file at build time.
# Bring in the rpg sh library.
. "$bindir"/rpg-sh-setup
# Shift off the first argument to determine the real command:
# Exec the command or exit with failure if the command doesn't exist.
exec "$libexecdir/rpg-${command}" "$@"
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