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@@ -30,24 +30,57 @@ directory, and then switch into it:
+rpg works with two trees: one for rpg binaries and supporting code, and one
+for installed packages and the package database. It is possible to have either
+of these trees be standalone, or located under an existing ruby installation.
To install rpg under the default location (`/usr/local`):
sudo make install
+Ruby packages will be installed under your ruby installation
+(e.g. /usr/local/lib/ruby or /usr/lib/ruby). Assuming that /usr/local/bin
+is in your PATH environment variable no further configuration is necessary.
To install rpg into a self-contained directory off your home:
- ./configure --prefix=~/.rpg
+ ./configure --prefix=~/.rpg --rpgdir ~/.packages
make install
-You may need to add <prefix>/bin to your PATH environment variable if it isn't
-there already. Add the following to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile to ensure rpg
-is available to all new shell sessions:
+Ruby packages will be installed in ~/.packages/lib, and binaries
+for ruby packages in ~/.packages/bin, requiring these directories be added
+to RUBYOPT and PATH as follows:
+ RUBYOPT="$RUBYOPT -I~/.packages/lib"
+ PATH="$PATH:~/.packages/bin"
+You might need to use $HOME instead of ~ depending on your shell/environment.
+rpg itself requires that its `bin` directory (`<prefix>/bin`) be on your PATH
+as well (this is needed for rpg operations on packages, not for using packages
+installed by rpg). If it is not there already add the following to your
+~/.bashrc or ~/.profile to ensure rpg is available to all new shell sessions:
+To install rpg into an existing system-wide ruby installation:
+ ./configure --with-ruby
+ make
+ sudo make install
+To install rpg into a specific ruby installation:
+ ./configure --with-ruby=~/.rvm/rubies/ruby187
+ make
+ make install
+In both of these cases packages will be installed under the ruby installation
+tree so that no further configuration of environment variables is needed.
The installation puts files under the bin, libexec, and share/man directories of
the configured <prefix>. See `configure --help' for information on tuning
these default locations.

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