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Added a note and todo entry about file conflicts in packages

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@@ -199,6 +199,11 @@ Differences from the `gem` command:
into a single rpg environment -- the package's files would overwrite each
other. All version conflicts must be resolved at install time.
+ * `rpg` is similarly unable to install more than one package owning the
+ same file under Ruby libdir. (Currently `rpg` will install such packages
+ anyway, with later installed packages overwriting files installed by
+ earlier installed packages.)
* `rpg` has no runtime component (e.g., `require 'rubygems'`). Because all
library files are placed under a common `lib` directory, and because package
versions are sussed at install time, there's no need for a component to
@@ -82,3 +82,4 @@ LATER
[ ] rpg-check verifies an installed package
[ ] search from current directory up for .rpgrc
[ ] ruby-specific config file based on md5 of ruby interpreter path
+[ ] detect file conflicts (same file installed) between packages

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