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No output from Rack::CommonLogger #39

cyx opened this Issue · 8 comments

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The simplest way I could make it work was by doing this:


I know it's a bit hackish though. I tried also experimenting with reopening $stderr / $stdout after forking to the previous values, but unfortunately I couldn't find a way to make it work properly.

Thanks in advance for any help!


+1, I'm having same problem


+100 - I'm using the Cuba framework and this is the only lib that actually works for reloading the environment. It's brilliant, but I sure do miss the ::CommonLogger output

@cyx thanks for the hack


Thanks for the fix! But what might be wrong though? It's not running the code properly after the line run ?


Something related to output redirection. It's a bit tricky to fully fix, hence the easier hack. :-)


No Rack::CommonLogger output for me either, would be nice if the hack could be officially incorporated...

@ryankevans ryankevans referenced this issue from a commit in ryankevans/shotgun
Ryan K. Evans Fixes #39 (Rack::CommonLogger output is lost). Based on cyx/shotgun#3…

@Krajsnick I just submitted #57 which fixes this issue and adds tests.


Closing in favor of #57. I intend to merge this very soon. Thanks.

@djanowski djanowski closed this

The fix is released in 0.9.1.

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