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typo in radius template docs

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rkh authored and rtomayko committed May 13, 2010
1 parent b00c2f5 commit f3353a01066f04662c99375343ecb499486ec70b
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@@ -465,7 +465,7 @@ To render a template such as the one above.
require 'radius'
template ='example.radius', :tag_prefix=>'r')
- template.render(scope, :type=>'hlist'){ "Jackpot! }
+ template.render(scope, :type=>'hlist'){ "Jackpot!" }
The result will be:

3 comments on commit f3353a0


rkh replied May 13, 2010

Did you search the interwobs for my mail address just to attribute this commit to me?


rtomayko replied May 13, 2010

I did.

Actually, I just git shortlog -nes in sinatra because I knew you had commits over there. :)


rkh replied May 13, 2010

Cool, thanks!

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