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wbzyl commented Nov 3, 2009

Tenjin is a very fast and full-featured template engine available in several script languages.

Tenjin – the fastest template engine in the world.

--Włodek Bzyl


rkh commented Apr 13, 2011

I'm against including another engine that is not 1.9 compatible. Also, it seems to be no longer maintained.


josh commented Apr 13, 2011

Seems bad. We should make it clear that any tilt engine needs to be 1.8.7 and 1.9.x compat.


rkh commented Apr 13, 2011

Judging from the tests that fail, actually making it 1.9 compatible wouldn't be that hard, but since it's not on github (in fact, I can't even find the repository anywhere), and there has not been a release in three years...


hannesg commented Nov 4, 2011

Hi there.
I'm using tenjin under 1.9 a lot and i didn't have any problem with it.
It's right, the ruby version is not under developement anymore, but it is pretty mature and fast ( i like it a lot ).
I've already hacked it a bit. Is anyone still interested in this feature?
If so, i would write the code for that.


rkh commented Nov 5, 2011

Last time I checked (see comment above) the tests didn't pass on 1.9. One option would be for you to become the maintainer of it or a fork, that would be fully 1.9 compatible.


hannesg commented Nov 5, 2011

Yep, if already contacted the original author yesterday. If he agrees i'll maintain that.


hannesg commented Nov 13, 2011

the author hasn't replied yet, but i've made a first working implementation of the tenjin support.
I would be very pleased if somebody could review the changes:

Thank you!


rtomayko commented Nov 14, 2011

@hannesg: Could you move that to a branch and submit a pull request please? Thanks!


hannesg commented Nov 14, 2011

k, done


hannesg commented Nov 25, 2011

there was a new release ( tenjin 0.7.0 ).
It changed several things but should be compatible. Ruby 1.9. support is explicitly stated in the release message.

I'll check compatiblity over the weekend and send patches if required.


josephholsten commented Oct 10, 2014

anyone want to review the patch in #116


judofyr commented Jul 7, 2015

Tenjin hasn't had any updates for about four years. However, if someone really wants it into Tilt I'll accept it if someone opens a new pull request.

@judofyr judofyr closed this Jul 7, 2015

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