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Issue with precompiling assets #155

kenton opened this Issue Jul 25, 2012 · 4 comments

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kenton commented Jul 25, 2012

I'm having trouble getting assets to precompile in an app I'm working on. Not sure if it's something related to a "themes" gem I'm using, tilt, or something else. However, when I run "rake assets:precompile --trace", the stack trace leads me to a call being made by tilt.

Here's a gist of what I'm seeing (sorry, files are slightly out of order).

I've included the following:

  • the ERB template being referenced in the error message
  • the output of running "cap deploy" which is how I noticed this in the first place (fails when running assets:precompile on the server)
  • the output of running "rake assets:precompile --trace" locally on my dev machine

The weird thing is that the error message is referencing line 30-something as the cause of the error, but that ERB file doesn't even have 30 lines.

Anyway, any idea if this is something related to tilt...or what else may be causing this?


judofyr commented Jul 31, 2012

The problem here is that the template is precompiled with standard ERB, but it uses syntax (<%= foo do %>) that's only available in Rails 3's ERB-fork (see for more details). This seems like a bug (or misconfiguration) in Rails. I don't know enough about the asset pipeline to help you (sorry).

rtomayko commented Aug 5, 2012

@kenton Were you able to figure this out? This may not be possible as part of the asset pipeline.

judofyr commented Aug 7, 2012

Not possible? Isn't the asset pipeline Turing complete these days? :)

judofyr commented Feb 27, 2013

Closing this because of no feedback from reporter. Please re-open if this is still an issue and you think we can help you.

@judofyr judofyr closed this Feb 27, 2013
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