An extension to FogNetSim++ to simulated federated fog computing environments
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ExFogSim A framework to simulate distributed broker based federated fog computing environment

Inslatation Manual

Step 1: Download and install omnet++ 4.6 (

Step 2: Download Inet 3.6.4 ( and import it as a project in omnet++

Step 3: Download from github (this project), extract it, and place it in following directory of Inet inet/applications/ (directory might no be same, just expand inet project, expand src, and then expand applications. This is the directory where you need to paste this mqttapp folder)

Step 4: Download extract it and import it as omnet++ project into omnet++

Step 5: Add Inet as reference in project

Go into testing or example folder of this newly created project and play with sample applications and example simulations.