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Addon that provides RPKI information for the requested website
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RPKI Validator - Firefox Addon


First, download and install the Firefox Addon SDK as described here. Second, open a terminal and clone the Firefox addon repo (this one), afterwards change directory to <path/to/addon-clone>/source. Third, run <path/to/sdk>/bin/cfx xpi within the source directory, this will create the rpki-validator.xpi. Next steps see install.


Open Firefox and goto the main menu. Open the Add-ons control panel, or open a tab with URL about:addons. Click on the tools button an select install addon from file for manual addon installation, browse to and open
rpki-validator.xpi, click install now. Done!


The following parameters can be configured within the addon, default values are set in preference section of package.json:

  • validation server URL: URL of the validation server offering a RESTful API verify origin AS of an IP prefix
  • cache server host: hostname of a RPKI cache server
  • cache server port: port number of the RPKI cache service
  • cache time to live: live time (TTL) of cached validation entries


If you use a customized addon, disable auto updates for this addon.

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