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Releases: rtrlib/rtrlib


10 Sep 08:50
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  • Fix blocking when stopping sockets in some cases
  • Add callback to allow user created sockets
  • Add ability to change the connect timeout
  • Add support for password authentication to ssh transport
  • Update tools to allow for password authentication when using ssh transport
  • Improve error handling in ssh transport
  • Improve error output in TCP transport
  • Improve libssh detection when running configure
  • Initialise structures properly in rtrclient
  • Fix several compiler warnings
  • Extend log messages to include prefixes when using ssh transport
  • Fix bug that constantly called tr_recv because of ignoring timeout argument when using ssh transport
  • Apply kernel coding style in all source files


18 Jul 08:29
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  • Fix to ensure shadow tables are only freed when initialized before
  • Fix SSH transport w/o bind address and add host key verification
  • Fix bug in cache groups to ensure uniqueness of cache server preferences
  • Fix race condition in rtr_stop
  • Remove error PDU null termination check
  • Update tommyds implementation to version 2.2
  • tools/rpki-rov: improve validation of command line arguments
  • tools/rtrclient: add ROA export with templates, support for CSV and JSON
  • Output log messages to stderr instead of stdout
  • style: increase max line length to 120 characters


09 Dec 12:14
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  • Fix IPv4 string conversion to support big endian systems


30 Nov 18:14
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  • Add C++ support by disabling name mangling for RTRlib symbols
  • Make pfx_table, pfx_table_init(), pfx_table_add(), pfx_table_free(), pfx_table_src_remove() public; to use RTRlib without online connection to an RPKI cache server
  • Hide symbols of Tommy hash table without using forward declaration, to resolve dependency on C11
  • Fix cmake build errors in Debian and OpenBSD
  • Add connection timeout in tests/test_dynamic_groups


21 Oct 20:06
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  • Fix for cmake versions >= 2.8
  • Fix rpm build
  • Fix Ubuntu 12.04 build


05 Oct 16:00
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  • Change default symbol visibility: Hide all symbols per default, export public symbols explicitly
  • Add API to configure interval mode: {set,get}_interval_mod
  • Change naming of interval enumerations in rtr.h: add prefixes to prevent name collisions
  • Fix Debian packages: merge rtrclient and rtr-validator into one package, use libjs-jquery, fix copyright format, fix version numbering and source package format
  • Fix bug in trie structure where deletion of inner nodes may lead to incorrect reordering, i.e., a node with longer prefix length overrules nodes with shorter prefix length, which then will not be found anymore
  • Rename cli-validator to rpki-rov
  • Fix wrong length of error text in error pdu
  • Add atomtic reset for pfx table and spki table
  • Improve code for packets
  • Add rpm package build infrastructure
  • Add cppcheck suppresions for public api functions
  • Add new test to verify correctness of prefix removal
  • Remove function rtr_mgr_find_group in RTR Manager because it is not used
  • Disable unittests for Apple macOS
  • Add man pages for tools


07 Nov 15:03
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  • Add support for dynamic add and remove of socket groups in rtr_mgr
  • Add memory handling wrappers (i.e. alloc utils) for FRR integration
  • Extend tests to verify dynamic groups feature
  • Fix duplicate socket configuration on init in {tcp,ssh}_transport
  • Improve documentation on trie implementation and for util functions


24 Jul 19:31
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  • Fix bug in prefix origin AS validation caused by LPFST, which lead to
    incrrect validation results in corner caes, and change prefix storage
    structure to Trie
  • Fix memory leaks in lpfst_get_children
  • Fix memory leak in rtr_mgr_get_spki
  • Fix memory leak in rtr_mgr_init
  • Fix memory leak in pfx_table_append_elem
  • Fix memory leak in pfx_table_del_elem
  • Fix byte order for encapsulated error PDUs
  • Fix error PDU handling, do not send encapsulated PDUs on internal errors
  • Improve testing:
    • add extensive unit tests based on the Cmocka framework
    • add runtime tests, e.g. live validation of RIPE RIS BGP beacons
  • Improve overall coding style and documentation
  • Add static code analysis (cppcheck, to Travis CI config
  • Add backward compatibility for libssh 0.5.0 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • Update Debian package build files


05 Apr 20:28
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  • rtrlib/lib/*: Change API and add lrtr_ prefix to prevent namespace conflicts with third party applications
  • Change API for rtr_mgr_init and rtr_init to improve error handling
  • Change preference order of finding cache servers, according to RFC 6810
  • Improve behavior of cache server groups, switch to preferred group as soon as cache server is online again
  • Improve error handling in rtr_mgr_init
  • Improve timing behavior (expire interval, refresh interval etc.)
  • Fix bug in rtr_mgr_close_all_groups_except_one to prevent deadlock
  • Fix memory leaks, race condition, and buffer overflow/underflow
  • Improve debugging and status values
  • Update SSH transport to new LibSSH API


20 Aug 12:42
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  • Change license from LGPLv3 to MIT license
  • Fix bug in pfx_table_src_remove, a lock was not released
  • Fix bug in rtr_purge_outdated_records that removed prefixes incorrectly
  • Create and install rtrlib.pc pkg-config
  • Update code style
  • Add support for OS X (10.10)
  • Add new tool cli-validator