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1. Requirements

To build the RTRlib the CMake build system must be installed. If you want to establish a connection to an RTR-Server over ssh, the libssh 0.5.x library must also be installed. Doxygen (optional) is required to create the HTML documentation.

2. Compilation

(a) Generate Makefile

Without debugging options:

  • cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release .

With debug symbols and debug messages:

  • cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug .


If the libssh isn't installed within the systems include and library directories you can run cmake with the following parameters:

  • -D LIBSSH_INCLUDE=<include-directory>

To specify another directory where the RTRlib will be installed, you can pass the following argument to cmake:


(b) Build library, tests, and tools

Run make

3. Installation

To copy libraries and headers to system directories run (optional, typically requires root access):

  • make install

4. Linking to RTRlib

The name of the shared library is rtr. To link programs to the RTRlib pass gcc the parameter:

  • -lrtr

5. API Documentation

The RTRlib includes a HTML documentation of the API. To build it, doxygen must be installed. The documentation will be located in the docs/ directory after you run

  • make doc