A lightweight web application that helps you memorize anything you need.
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Simple memorizer is a lightweight web application that helps to efficiently memorize any question-answer sets.

How it works

  • user registers and logs in via oAuth2 services: Facebook or Google
  • any user can create arbitrary number of courses, course is a question wrapper
  • any course can contain arbitrary number of questions provided by the user, question is a key-value pair
  • while working in run mode system ask questions from particular course
  • user clicks "Good" button if they know the answer, "Bad" if not or "Show answer" to show the answer
  • there is no need to provide the answer in any way, user doesn't have to prove he knows it
  • the more times user will mark particular questions as well known, the less they will be asked
  • analogously, questions with more wrong answers will be asked more often

Points rules

  • default question points value is 10
  • every good answer decreases points by 1
  • every wrong answer increases points by 1
  • questions with just one point are considered as well known
  • course average points value is recomputed at every points change

Live demo is available on http://memo.trzebinski.info/

Screenshots http://bit.ly/OqaVRV

System requirements

  • PHP >= 5.3
  • MySQL >= 5.5

User requirements

  • modern web browser
  • Facebook or Google account


  1. Move application/config_default/ to application/config/
  2. Create MySQL database and import its structure from /simple-memorizer.sql file
  3. Change database credentials in /application/config/database.php
  4. Change oAuth services credentials in application/config/config.php
  5. Set $config['encryption_key'] = '' to some random hash in application/config/config.php
  6. In production environment set define('ENVIRONMENT', 'production'); in /index.php
  7. System is ready to use

To do

  • csv import/export of courses/questions
  • reversed course mode (v == a && a == q)
  • REST API for external client applications
  • predefined/public courses