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A ponyfill/polyfill for browser Promise unhandledrejection events
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A ponyfill/polyfill for browser Promise unhandledrejection events.


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npm i browser-unhandled-rejection


yarn add browser-unhandled-rejection


Automatic polyfill

This automatically applies the polyfill to the global Promise object if it is needed.

import {auto} from 'browser-unhandled-rejection';

auto(); // Applies polyfill if necessary to window.Promise

Manual polyfill

The following snippet is equivalent to auto():

import {polyfill} from 'browser-unhandled-rejection';

if (typeof PromiseRejectionEvent !== 'undefined') {
  polyfill(); // Polyfills window.Promise


This may may useful if you don't want to mutate window.Promise:

import MyPromise from 'browser-unhandled-rejection';

window.addEventListener('unhandledrejection', () => {
  console.log('unhandledrejection was triggered');

MyPromise.reject('will trigger unhandledrejection event');

new MyPromise((resolve, reject) => {
  reject('will also trigger unhandledrejection event');
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