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A modern static site generator for building extremely fast websites

Note: This project is a work in progress and API stability has not yet been reached

Design goals

  • Produce the fastest possible static websites using the latest and greatest technologies and best practices
  • Intuitive, tailored experience for building static websites with Markdown, JSX, and ES2015 that makes the underlying tooling and frameworks invisible
  • Minimal configuration, just focus on your content

Under the hood, Hokusai is powered by these fantastic tools:


Docs are coming soon, probably once #5 is resolved and a more stable API is achieved.

In the meantime, I'm using Hokusai to build my my personal website and blog so its source code should serve as a good usage example.

Chôshi in Shimôsa Province

Fishing Boats at Choshi in Shimosa (Soshu Choshi), 1833

Katsushika Hokusai