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Rust for Tarantool

Tarantool Rust License Build Status

A proof-of-concept Rust module for Tarantool.

This example demonstrates how to use Rust Programming Language to write stored procedures for Tarantool.

Tarantool is a full-featured general-purpose database and an application server.

Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety.


  • Tarantool 1.6.8+
  • rustc 1.14.0 and cargo 0.15.0 (other versions untested)
sudo apt-get -y install rustc cargo


git clone
cargo build
rust fiber 102: before sleep
rust fiber 103: before sleep
rust fiber 104: before sleep
rust fiber 105: before sleep
rust fiber 106: before sleep
rust fiber 102: after sleep
rust fiber 102: before sleep
rust fiber 103: after sleep
rust fiber 103: before sleep

The example above demonstrates that Rust libraries can be used inside Tarantool without any conflicts with cooperative-multistasking model implemented by Tarantool.

Future Plans

  • Implement Rust-friendly wrappers for Fibers, Box and other Tarantool API
  • Add examples
  • Write documentation

Fall in love with Tarantool? Wanna learn Rust?

Your contribution is needed!

Feel free to contact us on Telegram channel or send a pull request.

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