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Photog! turns a directory tree of source images into a photography website with nested albums of chronologically sorted photographs. It is created by Jaap Joris Vens who uses it for his personal photography website. Photog also has it's own website with detailed installation instructions, online manual pages, and nice fonts.


This version of Photog! has been completely rewritten in Python. You can still find the original Perl version on GitHub.

Installation, configuration and the general workings of Photog! are now massively simplified. Simply install and run like this:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ cd ~/My_Pictures
$ path/to/photog

Just like the original Photog!, this will traverse your pictures folder and generate HTML files and image thumbnails. However, in contrast to the original Photog! there is no "destination folder". All indexes are simply placed in their respective directories, and the thumbnails are placed in a thumbnails subdirectory. After Photog! has completed it's run, simply point your webserver to ~/My_Pictures (or do as the author does and upload the whole tree to AWS S3).


After running Photog! you will notice it has placed empty files called photog.ini in all of the processed directories. These hold the optional configuration variables per album. The configuration options are:


  • sort = ascending to sort photos ascending according to EXIF date
  • sort = descending to sort photos descending according to EXIF date
  • sort = alphabetical to sort alphabetically according to file name
  • sort = random to randomize the order of photos

Zipping (new!)

  • zipping = true creates a zipfile called of each album
  • zipping = false disables the creation of zipfiles
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