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Description Field should be split into multiple fields #33

fox2mike opened this Issue · 9 comments

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When we take a look at our maint notification, we have :

  1. Short Summary
  2. Details
  3. Impact of Work
  4. What will be Impacted

An example is at

I'm wondering if it makes sense to split up the Description field into these sub-fields and having that information presented appropriately, over email or on the webpage.



We have summary and description. I could re title them as you've suggested.

I can add a new field for impact of work.

We have the what will be affected in the service outages section.

Sound good?


I guess that works!

And in the email templates, we can have the short summary and details sections before the rest too.


You can update the email template however you want it to look, that's the point :)


Truth. As long as I can have the << >> sections....I guess they'll get autofilled.


That's a big 10-4 little buddy


alter table whistlepig_statusupdate add column impact_of_work text;


alter table whistlepig_statusupdate add column end_time datetime;


alter table whistlepig_statusupdate add column frontpage int

This will allow us to control which notifications are active on the homepage, so we can manually remove unnecessary updates.


Pushed this out and tested, looks good to me.

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