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jpgr87 commented Dec 13, 2012

I've restored the bumper interface to Stage with some patches laying around on the sourceforge tracker. It shares a commit with the "camera" branch that fixes issues with Player 3.0.2, but the bumper commit can be pulled.

Tested with the new roomba.cfg and roomba.world files. These include the irobot.inc file, which I updated to restore bumper functionality.

jpgr87 and others added some commits Dec 13, 2012
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Add ifdefs for compatibility with Player < 3.1
The Stage plugin contains some features (graphics2d multiline,
etc.) that were added in Player 3.1.  This commit adds some
code to let the latest version of Stage compile against Player
3.0.2 and earlier.
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Added Stage bumper model and Player interface
This commit adds a bumper model to Stage.  It is based off of the
code provided on Sourceforge by Hadrien Hamel in Sourceforge patch
2793940, and has been updated to work with the Stage 4.1 API.
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Add the rest of the bumper patch.
I missed some files with the last bumper commit by mistake.  This commit
contains the rest of the bumper model code
Paul Dreik corrected opengl drawing error
radians/degrees issue plus order of opengl transforms
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Add Z component to roomba model a810d84
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into bumper b1bec07
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into bumper
@jpgr87 jpgr87 closed this Feb 16, 2014
@jpgr87 jpgr87 deleted the jpgr87:bumper branch Feb 16, 2014
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