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more detailed instructions for noobs (in a nice way)

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@@ -1,18 +1,71 @@
+stagectrl README
A minimal controller for Stage, to give a template for building your own controllers.
-** Instructions **
+ - rtv ( 2001.10.20
+ Instructions
-Assuming Stage is working in your environment, you should be able to
+Assuming Stage is working in your environment (see notes below), you should be able to
build and run this template controller from the directory containing
-this README file thus:
+this README file as follows:
$ cmake .
+If you see errors, read the notes below on setting up your environment.
$ make
-(check to see that the module "" has been built successfully)
+Check to see that the module "" has been built successfully
+into the current directory. If not, carefully read the build output to
+see what went wrong.
+Tell Stage to look in the current directory for controller modules
+$ export STAGEPATH=.
+Now run Stage with the minimal example world.
$ stage
+You should see a world containing one default model, which is running
+the basic controller which prints a message on the console and in the
+Stage window.
To write your own controller, edit the C++ source file If
you add more source files, you must add them to CMakeLists.txt.
+Please let me know of any errors or ommisions. Enjoy writing Stage controllers.
+Notes on setting up your environment
+If you installed Stage to the default location for your platform, you
+should not need to do any special environment setup.
+if you installed Stage to a non-default location, i.e. you specified
+-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<stage install prefix> when running CMake to
+configure Stage, you need to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to include <stage
+install prefix>/lib/pkgconfig since the build script uses pkg-config
+to find Stage's compiler and linker settings. You probably also need
+to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Linux,or DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH on OS X to <stage
+install prefix>/lib. If you want toFor convenience, you may also want to add Stage's
+the directory containing Stage's binary to your PATH. Here are the
+relevant lines from my $HOME/.profile file:
+# my install prefix
+export PATH="$STAGE/bin:$PATH"
+export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$STAGE/lib/pkgconfig
+#Linux, etc.
+export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$STAGE/lib:.
+#OS X
@@ -20,8 +20,10 @@ int RangerUpdateCb( ModelRanger* mod, void* dummy)
// ( inspect the ranger data and decide what to do )
- // output a speed command (X, Y, Z)
- position->SetSpeed( 0.4, 0, 0.1 );
+ // output something to prove it is working
+ printf( "Hello simulated world\n" ); // console
+ mod->Say( "Hello" ); // GUI window
+ position->SetSpeed( 0.4, 0, 0.1 ); // output a speed command (X, Y, Z)
return 0;
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