iOS app to do a reverse geocode using SimpleGeo.framework
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Demo showing how to use SimpleGeo.framework to do a reverse geocode and retrieve current weather information of a lat/lng.

This uses the SimpleGeo.framework, referenced in this project as a git submodule.

This app was written for an article on iOSDevNotes. Be sure to check out that tutorial for details on how this works.

How it works

The app first uses CLLocationManager (part of CoreLocation) to retrieve the current latitude & longitude of the device. Once the lat/lng has been retrieved, app kicks off a request to SimpleGeo to get an SGContext, which contains the street address (reverse geocode) and weather information.


You'll need to register for a developer account to get your API key needed to use this demo. You'll find the place to enter your consumer key and secret in SimpleReverseViewController.m