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Updated Protocol

Improved the response protocol with a status field and
byte length of response payload.
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@@ -45,25 +45,37 @@ The database supports the notion of a composite key. That is, a key
that is subdivided into a hierarchy that all keys participate in. The key-
space is similar to a typical Unix filesystem organized into directories.
-To work with hierarchical keys, divide them with slashes '/'. The last
-element becomes the value. Like so:
-The keys are grouped into a tree of subdirectories:
- /
- a/
- b/
- c/
+To work with hierarchical keys, divide them with spaces ' '. The last
+element becomes the value. The 'value' does not participate in the
+The commands
+create finance accounting payroll employees 50
+create finance accounting receivables employees 70
+Creates a 4-level hierarchy:
+ 1 2 3 4
+ finance
+ accounting
+ payroll
+ employees
+ receivables
+ employees
The key-space then becomes a kind of database on its own. A client
can query the database for all the subkeys of a path. This gives clients
building blocks for range queries and ordered (sorted) results.
+Nodes in the key-space are reference-counted so that repeating groups
+in the hierarchy don't waste space.
All lookups of values are still done via hashmap of the entire key. In
-other words, values can only be fetched by providing the entire key.
-In this case, the hash-lookup key is '/a/b/c' which points to a starting
-block in the db that contains 'my_value'.
+other words, values can only be fetched by providing THE ENTIRE KEY.
+In this case, the hash-lookup key is 'finance accounting payroll employees'.
+It points to a starting block in the db that contains '50'.
This means that point-lookups of records will always be very fast, but that
the operator can use the key-space to organize and sort results.
@@ -75,65 +87,69 @@ Usage Example
madison:Roxanne rothrock$ sudo dbr_ctl start
Started listening.
-madison:Roxanne rothrock$ telnet localhost 4080
-Trying ::1...
+carp:Roxanne rothrock$ telnet localhost 4080
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
-create /alpha/The first record
+create alpha record_1
+SIZE: 9
Write OK.
-read /alpha
-The first record
-create /alpha/beta/record
+create alpha beta record_2
+SIZE: 9
Write OK.
-read /alpha/beta
-delete /alpha
-Delete OK.
-read /alpha
-Not found.
-read /alpha/beta
+read alpha
+SIZE: 8
+read alpha beta
+SIZE: 8
...Now a demonstration of the 'keys' command:
-create /alpha/phi/record
-Write OK.
-create /alpha/1/record
+create alpha gamma record_3
+SIZE: 9
Write OK.
-create /alpha/zeta/record
+create alpha delta record_4
+SIZE: 9
Write OK.
-keys /alpha
+keys alpha
+SIZE: 16
+beta delta gamma
-Data manipulation commands are comprised of:
- a keyword,
- a space, and
- a forward-slash.
Data manipulation commands:
- create /key[/key].../value<newline>
+ create key [key]...value<newline>
- read /key[/key]...
+ read key [key]...<newline>
- delete /key[/key]...
+ delete key [key]...<newline>
- keys /[key][/key]....
+ keys [key] [key]....<newline>
Other commands:
+"STATUS: <status string>\nSIZE: <integer>\n<integer> long string of bytes\n\n"
On Disk
@@ -194,22 +210,22 @@ the append occurred.
#### The keydb (/var/roxanne/keydb)
Initially sized at 0 bytes, the keydb stores the composite key hierarchy.
-Each level of the hierarchy is a simple, binary tree of the
+Each level of the hierarchy is stored as a binary tree.
Each node in the hierarchy has: a key-part, a left pointer (less-than),
a right pointer (greater-than), and a next pointer that points to the
next level in the hierarchy.
-Nodes have a reference count, so duplicate key-parts don't require
+Nodes have a reference count so that duplicate key-parts don't require
additional space. Unfortunately, the database does not yet support
reclamation of keydb nodes with a reference count of 0.
##### Example
Consider the following two composite keys (values left off):
+foo bar toast
+foo bar jam
This set of two composite keys comprises 4 nodes in the keydb, stored
like so:
@@ -223,10 +239,10 @@ jam 1 NULL NULL NULL
Next, add these composite keys (again, values left off).
+foo bar whiskey
The table now looks like this:
Oops, something went wrong.

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