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private with Ada.Streams,
package body EchoMultitask.Worker is
use Ada.Text_IO,
-- We need a Hash function to make sure our Hashed_Maps.Map container can
-- proeprly create the hash map. This function will just rely on the
-- Ada.Strings.Hash function and pass in the string representation of the
-- Task_Id
function Hash (Key : Ada.Task_Identification.Task_Id) return Ada.Containers.Hash_Type is
return Ada.Strings.Hash (Ada.Task_Identification.Image (Key));
end Hash;
task body Worker is
use Ada.Streams;
Client_Sock : Socket_Type;
accept Serve (Sock : Socket_Type) do
Client_Sock := Sock;
end Serve;
Channel : Stream_Access := Stream (Client_Sock);
Data : Ada.Streams.Stream_Element_Array (1 .. 1);
Offset : Ada.Streams.Stream_Element_Count;
while true loop
Ada.Streams.Read (Channel.All, Data, Offset);
exit when Offset = 0;
Put (Character'Val (Data (1)));
end loop;
Put_Line (".. closing connection");
Close_Socket (Client_Sock);
end Worker;
protected body Coordinator is
procedure Last_Wish (C : Ada.Task_Termination.Cause_Of_Termination;
T : Ada.Task_Identification.Task_Id;
X : Ada.Exceptions.Exception_Occurrence) is
W : Worker_Ptr := Tasks.Element (T);
-- First, let's make sure we remove the task object from our Tasks
-- map
Tasks.Delete (Key => T);
-- Then we deallocate it
Free_Worker (W);
Put_Line ("Task (" & Ada.Task_Identification.Image (T) & ") deallocated");
end Last_Wish;
procedure Track (Ptr : in Worker_Ptr) is
-- THe Task_Id for a task can be found in the Identity attribute,
-- but since we're receiving a Worker_Ptr type, we first need to
-- dereference it into a Worker again
Key : constant Ada.Task_Identification.Task_Id := Ptr.all'Identity;
Put_Line ("Adding task (" & Ada.Task_Identification.Image (Key) & ") to Coordinator.Tasks");
-- Add our Worker pointer into our hash map to hold onto it for
-- later
Tasks.Insert (Key => Key,
New_Item => Ptr);
-- We need to set a task termination handler (introduced in Ada
-- 2005) in order to get called when the Worker (W) terminates
Ada.Task_Termination.Set_Specific_Handler (Key, Last_Wish'Access);
end Track;
end Coordinator;
end EchoMultitask.Worker;