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AWS is Blimpy's most mature and well-supported cloud.


In order to spin up a machine on Amazon Web Services (EC2), you need to use the :aws argument when invoking fleet.add, e.g.:

Blimpy.fleet do |fleet|
  fleet.add(:aws) do |ship| = 'blimpy-test'
    ship.livery = Blimpy::Livery::Puppet.configure do |p|
      p.manifest_path = './manifests/test.pp'
    ship.flavor = 'm1.large'
    ship.region = 'us-west-2'
    ship.ports = [22, 80] # Will dynamically create a Security Group with these ports opened


  • AWS support defaults to using the "US West 2 (Oregon)" region for two reasons:
    1. It's as cheap as "US East 1"
    2. It is less crowded than "US East 1"
  • AWS support will dynamically create a Security Group for you if you specify ports in the Blimpfile, this means you can easily stand up a machine with specific ports open. Blimpy uses a unique hash of the ports to avoid re-creating the Security Groups unless necessary.
  • Blimpy will import your ~/.ssh/ or ~/.ssh/ into a Key Pair in every region that you use in your Blimpfiles.