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Remove the "Unspecified" module

I've made this a separate commit so I can revert if third parties are
relying on this module to exist in Cheetah (see mailing list thread
titled: "[Cheetahtemplate-discuss] Are you using the Unspecified class")
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1 parent 6152654 commit de0eb40af8cb96ac902b2efab1db2f65d0243ac2 R. Tyler Ballance committed Jun 27, 2009
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9 src/
@@ -1,9 +0,0 @@
- from ds.sys.Unspecified import Unspecified
-except ImportError:
- class _Unspecified:
- def __repr__(self):
- return 'Unspecified'
- def __str__(self):
- return 'Unspecified'
- Unspecified = _Unspecified()

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