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Anachronistic use of PyUnicode_FromString in _namemapper.c #4

pflarr opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I'm stuck with using a somewhat older version of python (2.4) for development, and have run into an issue building the cheetah package. In the C version of _namemapper.c, cheetah uses the PyUnicode_FromFormat function. While this is fine for python version 3.0+, this function doesn't appear anywhere in the python C API documentation for the 2.x versions. It is, however, present in the C API starting in at least 2.6 for some reason.

This appears to be the only thing holding cheetah back from being compatible with 2.4. The fix is trivial, and I've got a patch if you'd like it.


Send a patch along :)

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